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La Limousines - Terms & Conditions

S e r v i c i n g    t h e    H i l l s,    S y d n e y    a n d    b e y o n d !


By making a reservation with La Limousines you acknowledge and expressly agree to the following Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them, and further expressly authorise La Limousines to charge to your credit card all charges relating to your reservation as described below.


All rates quoted and charged are in Australian Dollars.
Rates include goods and services tax, but exclude waiting time, parking charges and tolls.


Waiting time charges are charged and payable in 15 minute increments (or part thereof ) on the quarter hour once complimentary waiting time for the booking has elapsed.

Complimentary waiting times are :

  • Airport Transfers:  30 minutes ( after 30 minutes, charged from that time)
  • General Transfers: 10 minutes ( after 10 minutes, charged from the booking time. )

Rates vary depending on the vehicle make and type, from ….to….per 15 minutes or part therefore, and are payable in addition to the quoted fare for the hiring. Waiting time is charged in 15 minute blocks, i.e. 20 minutes of waiting time is charged as 30 minutes.


At the time your reservation is accepted we will require you to provide us with a valid credit card or Cabcharge account details. All charges in relation to your booking will be passed to this credit card or Cabcharge account.


La Limousines reserves the right to apply surcharges during peak and general availability periods.


In some cases cancellation of a reservation incurs a fee. The schedule below sets out cancellation fees based upon the hire of  a luxury sedan, cancellation fees for stretch limousines may differ from the charges below in schedule. A separate cancellation policy for weddings is shown below.


Less than 2 hours                                     No  refund
 { No Show  }
2 to 12 hours notice                                  50% of base fare refunded
12 to 24 hours notice                                75% of base fare refunded
More than 24 hours notice                        Full refund

Wedding Contracts

1. Deposits are 50% of hire fee

2. Bookings are not secure unless deposit has been credited to La Limousines bank account

3. There are no refunds on wedding deposits

4. The balance of deposit must be credited to La Limousines bank account 4 weeks before wedding

5. It is the bride & groom's responsibility to ensure children are secured in vehicles by either supplying restraints or requesting them from La Limousines

6. In the event of accident or mechanical breakdown of vehicles La Limousines will endeavour to provide you with a similar or next available vehicle

7. Breakages of crystal glasses must be paid for on the day

8. All details of wedding itinerary must be filled out on booking page

9. Seats belts must be worn at all times

10. No responsibility will be taken by La Limousines for bridal gowns soiled by brides entering or exiting the cars. All care is taken but please ask for assistance



Punctuality and service are most paramount in the operations of La Limousines however such circumstances do exist such as traffic delays, weather conditions, mechanical failure, and vehicle accident or other unforseen happenings.
It is expressly agreed that in all cases the maximum liability of La Limousines as a result of delay shall be limited to a refund of monies paid in relation to the hirer’s reservation for the journey in question.

It is expressly agreed by the hirer that no claim for liquidated damages or consequential losses or any damages other than the charge for the journey shall be available to be claimed.

In the event it becomes necessary for La Limousines to use a vehicle to complete a reservation that differs from the description of the originally allocated vehicle for the reservation by way of ;

1. Age and ;
2. Make and Model

A partial refund may be made to the hirer if the vehicle is considered by
La Limousines to be inferior to the originally reserved vehicle. Higher grade vehicles used as substitutes are at no extra charge.

It is expressly agreed that the use of a substitute vehicle does not entitle the hirer to a refund and refusal to enter the vehicle will be charged as a    * No Show *  

Refunds or fare reductions may only be considered and authorised by the bookings and despatch operators employed by La Limousines and are not available from the chauffeur directly.


Smoking , drinking and use of drugs other than those prescribed by a physician are prohibited during the journey.
 Behaviour that is considered by the chauffeur to be abusive or offensive to either themselves or others may result in the journey being terminated. This is at the discretion of the chauffeur and no refund shall be made in this instance.

An additional charge of $100.00 shall be made in the circumstances where as a result of spillage, illness or other instances where it is necessary to have the vehicle cleaned before another hiring.


In processing your reservation it will be necessary for La Limousines to obtain from you personal information. La Limousines will not use this information for any purpose other than for the provision of services requested by you.

In accordance with the provisions of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 La Limousines will not release your personal information to third parties with the exception of Police or unless ordered to do so by a Court or State or Federal Agency with the power to request and receive this so said information.      


Last updated 9 April 2011

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